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Context :

This game was made by 7 students from the Institute of the Internet and the Multimedia (IIM) at La Defense. We had 1 month to produce a mobile game with one constraint: the player has to be THE BOSS. We had the idea of a game where you have to take over a cartel and repel the attacks of good guys.

Pitch :

You are the new mafia boss in town!

Now that Papa Bear is gone, you’re in charge of the most influential cartel in town.

But without Papa’s protection, the gang is no longer feared, and the government is determined to dismantle your organization by sending the country’s strongest hero.

Features :

  • Become the new Mafia’s biggest Papa and assert your dominance by protecting your lair with traps and henchmen.
  • Send your henchmen on missions to raise your money.
  • Upgrade your traps to repel more enemies out of your lair and gain reputation




Music :

Credits :

 Bastien Barnéoud-Chapelier (Game Developer)

 Florian Boine (Game Designer / Game Producer)

Soulaymane Guigon (Game Designer / Game Artist)

 Romain Habib (Lead Game Developer)

 Nolan Jutard (Game Developer)

 Léo Nimsgern (Game Developer)

 Tinah Ranarison (Game Designer / Sound Designer)

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