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As part of a mobile gaming project (Gold project), our team created a runner-type game with a neon theme. The only constraint of this project was that it had to be HYPER casual.  



Project theme : Neon

Type Gameplay / Art : Runner / Flat design

Platform : Android, Play Store

Engine : Unity

Language : English

Welcome to Sweepy Ball


Is it a ball ? Is it a spaceship ? No ! It's a shooting marble !!!

The goal is simple : go as far as possible and do the high score possible.

Take part in this frantic race and customize your marble with the money you have earned. Become the person with the highest score in the world.

Destroy little wall and raise up your score

Dodge obstacles and break wall with 360° rotation


                                            The team

Game made in a month by 7 students from the IIM school.

Cablé Arthur - Game Designer

Pottier Théo - Game Designer

Egido Enriqué - Game Designer

Oliveira Daniel - Game Designer / Game Art

Tuil Hugo - Game programmer

Charrieau Louis - Game programmer

Jérôme Braëms - Game programmer

Music made by Foxhostyle 

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