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Disturbing Tentacle is a local multiplayer runner based game from 2 to 4 players in which you can pull yourself with your own mighty tentacle.

Get out your opponents !

Stuck in a research laboratory, an experiment on octopuses went wrong letting them with only one tentacle. As an octopus, you will move only by grabbing things with your slimy and stretchy tentacle. Try to be the last one to survive.

Grab your last chance 

Your tentacle is your only way to move. Grab the platforms and your friends to gain advantage of the situation. To win, aim and throw your tentacle.  Go fast and push your friends out of your way to reach the high score !


  • Advanced grapple mechanics
  • Bounce everywhere ! 
  • Fun and messy games
  • 2-4 players
  • Fight your friends
  • Struggle with the changing gravity
  • Choose your character among four octopuses

 How to play 

Only with Xbox Controllers : 

  • Left Joystick to orientate the tentacle
  • A to move
  • Low blow strongly recommended

It's your turn now to disturb your friends !


Project Manager

Pierrick Maczkowiak

Graphic Artist

Micha禱l De Pinho Dias

Game Developpers

  • Julien Barande
  • Gr矇gory Le Bris
  • Vincent Pettineo

Game Designers

  • Louis Erra
  • Allan Claver
  • Guillaume Moge
  • Fran癟ois Loing
  • Maxime Gaulier

Level Designer / Sound Designer

Nicolas Villard


Disturbing Tentacle.rar 15 MB

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