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The game is available on the Playstore, follow the link to download it on your mobile device.

The year is 1920, Matthew is a lonely drifter with a tragic past who makes a living of ripping people off, pretending to be an exorcist. 

One day, as he is called for what he thought would be an "usual" case of haunted mansion down in Louisiana, things take a different turn, as the mansion turns out to really be haunted after all. 

Team up with Honoria, the spirit of a little girl you accidentally summoned, and embark into a quest to find out what really happened to her as she seems to be trapped into the world of the livings.

Search every nook and cranny of this old Victorian mansion to find out the truth about this little girl's tragic past. 

But there will be many obstacles in your way. So be prepared to solves puzzles, and collect key items along the way to help you progress through this complicated manor.

Choose between playing as Matthew or Honoria at key points in the story, allowing you to benefits from both world's advantages : collect items and interact with the environment with Matthew, or switch over to Honoria to reveal secrets of the past, and interact with elements from the ghostly realm.

We are students at l'Institut de l'Internet et du Multimédia. This mobile game has been made in one month with the constraint "a touching experience" for our end of year project.

 Kevin I - Developer

Chloé Morin - Designer

Emily Porisse - Designer, artist

 Mathieu Prevot - Developer

Mattias Roudot - Designer, artist

Wilhelm Thomaseau - Developer, artist


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this game is cursed,  send the link to 15 of your friends or the ghost of Honoria will haunt you for 10 years


Get banned for eternity

Damn, the level of new comers in the videogame industry is actually INSANE. It is baffeling how much you guys manage to achieve and produce such an amazing game while professional studios cannot compete with such grandeur.

thx <3

... <3

The story is so good wtf

thx ^^

yeah, it's genius. Left me with awe

10/10 would watch cutscenes again

thank u <3

Très sympa ces illustration de vous ;)

Merci ! :)