A downloadable Super Slime TD

Living in harmony with nature in their "Slime Castle", the slimes have always been the defenders of the latter.
Some slimes have begun to steal the color of the world In order to be more powerful than anyone. They are designated: Slimps. They have built their own Castle, the "Slimp Castle" and they have already begun to conquer Slimeland to tranform it in Slimpland.
The slimes have to defend the Slime castle, the last bulwark between the slimp and the end of Slimeland. To succeed this strategic war, both camp will have to employ one of the greats the power of the color: The Mixing.

Take Controls of the Slime Castle and defeat the slimps to save Slimeland of a colourless future!

Super Slime TD : Paint to Win is an end of the year project made in 4 weeks by 6 students. We had to make a mobile game with a specific constraint. Ours was "Colored". 

Mix colors together and create brand new units !

Up to 16 different units and turrets to play with !

11 achievements to collect !

Singleplayer against the AI !

Julien SADARNAC (Game Design / Sound Design)

Rafael DE OLIVEIRA REIS (Game Art / Game Design)


Adrien RIBEIRO (UI Programmer)

Florian RIBEIRO (Gameplay Programmer)

Sébastien GUAROBER (Gameplay Programmer)

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