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 This game was made during a 2 weeks Game Jam, by 6 Video Games student at the Institut de l'Internet et du Multimédia (IIM). We had to do a mobile game on the Ethic theme and with a local multiplayer. To answer to our constraints, we have decided to create a game in which we have to do choices that influence our resources or enemy's resources. Your goal is to defeat your enemy by changing his resources at the lowest point.


 As a leader of your country you will have to make decisions which create chaos in the enemy country without making anarchy in your country. Various characters will request a hearing to expose the problems of your country, you have to make good decisions to solve them. Will you be a good leader?


Our team was composed of 6 Video Games students.

Project Manager : 

Eliott TIRANT - Habide

Game Designer : 

Christophe AMORIM RODRIGUES - Knilght

Marcus DO REGO - Falou91

Oscar CHENEVIER - Rouscar_IIM

Programming :

Matilde RODRIGUES - Otus, Cactus

Grégoire PIERILLAS - Grégoire Pierillas

Graphist : 

Eliott TIRANT - Habide

Oscar CHENEVIER - Rouscar_IIM

Sound designer : 

Marcus DO REGO - Falou91

We are currently developing the game

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